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Tired of books that run on for several hundred pages but only contain a few good ideas? Had enough of authors that make broad sweeping recommendations that can't be true all of the time? Don't want to see any more books that promise you the moon and the stars yet only deliver a cloudy smog of confusion? We are too, and we've set out to create books that give you exact, real-world instructions on how to perform many jobs in technology management. These books are short, sweet, and to the point. They're the best advice you can get in their subject areas and provide a great foundation for you to start. Each topic is an important one in the community, each book has been vetted by some of the best industry experts, and we've done our best to make sure we've packed the most amount of useful information in the smallest space. Tiny Giant books are tiny books full of giant ideas.


  • Written by expert-practitioners, not professional authors or speakers
  • Very short
  • Provides simple instructions
  • Covers everything you need to do for one small area
  • Makes a great cheat sheet
  • Clear, easy-to-use-diagrams
  • Explains the reasons why
  • Clear guidelines to determine if you're doing it wrong
  • Affordable
  • Expandable by purchasing more in the series
  • Hyperlinks provide further detail
  • And more...
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Happy Customers

  • “Tiny Giant books have allowed us to deploy succinct and comprehensive material to our developers in an easy-to-use format.”

    Susan Schindley, VP Technology Development, Cargill Lewis

  • “The first thing we do when we form up a new team is give out the Tiny Giant books and go over them. Just a few hours of going over the things here have saved us many weeks of churning and ineffective work practices. We've never had an investment that was so inexpensive and solved so many problems at once.”

    Rajit R., Program Manager, Merriweather Smithfield Cline

  • “I printed out our entire ScrumMaster ebook, laminated it, and stuck it on the wall. This helps us make sure we're not forgetting anything. Wish we had this kind of information for other topics. "

    Alexis Prodokonov, ScrumMaster, New Style Media Group

  • “I loved this! I've already emailed all my friends to download their copy. Can I get in on the beta list for the next book? "

    Joeseph Liles, Virginia

  • “Some great examples of how technical books ought to be written. I wish I had a dozen more like this in my library "

    F. Lee Vanderbuilt, Doxology Press

  • “My teams have been using these books since they came out. The only thing we don't like about them is that they end too soon, after only a dozen or so topics. Any chance you could roll up several of these into one larger how-to book? If so, we'd love to pick up a copy for everybody in our development group."

    Srini Roberts, Bangalore

Features in Images

  • Award winning contributors

    Our contributors have created the Agile Manifesto, spoken at Agile Conferences world-wide, and taught and coached hundreds of Agile teams in every technology sector.

  • Professional layout

    Our books are available in EPUB and MOBI formats. RTF and Microsoft Word formats are also available on request.

  • Great for the entire organization

    Agile adoption isn't just happening in technology teams. It's becoming important for all levels of many organizations. These books are purposefully made to apply in many different scenarios, not just web software development.

  • Loaded with Multimedia

    Many of our books include sample spreadsheets, graphs, calendars, and to-do lists that you can start using right away. In addition, through the blog and website, we publish how-to and helper videos to help explain tougher concepts.