Twelve Ways To Tell If A Team’s Creative Process Is Broken

(From an information gathering/information management standpoint)

(I hate doing number posts. “Twelve ways to pick your nose! You won’t believe #3!” But sometimes a list is the best format. Also, the devil is the details. I didn’t add much description to these items because this is something you need to talk about with your managers and fellow team members, not read on a blog.)

I’m a programmer. I’ve taught teams responsible for all kinds of creative tech projects how to make things people want faster and better. Interested in the theory? You can learn and use the same simple information gathering and management system in your own creative tech work, at any scale. It’s not process, or tools. If you learn how to manage information, then the rest of those things you use, like process and tools, will work themselves out. The Info-Ops book explains how.

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August 29, 2018

2 responses to Twelve Ways To Tell If A Team’s Creative Process Is Broken

  1. Generally a great list. The only major element I take issue with is the “creative”/”art” portion.

    While is aspect is an element of most projects, there are plenty of times where the effort is a pure science driven product. In these cases is there are many common variants then “commodity” can very well be the applicable word.

    • admin said:

      I take your point. I’m speaking of only the creative part of the work. There’s also a technical part — in any effort. That technical part varies quite a bit depending on the type of effort.

      It might be good to do another quick-list-post talking about the types of technical jobs. Optimizing an automated production line is significantly different from creating an online game.

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