Technical Story Slicing 1 of 3


Too many times user stories and backlogs are taught at such a high level of abstraction that folks can’t get value from them. So let’s take a real project, developed on AWS using Microservices, and walk though how the backlog is created, prioritized, and delivered — the whole thing. Including code. Due to space limitations, it will be a personal project done as a hobby over a few weeks.

The video runs about 15 minutes. It’s the first in a three-part series which are all published on this blog. Technologies covered to some degree include F#, Mono, Unbuntu, AWS, TDD, DevOps, Error Handling, scoping, MVP, and debugging. (Because this is a front-to-back real-world example, none of these are covered in depth. Although we see quite a bit of code, the videos are suitable both for programmers and for business people who have to interact with programmers.)

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November 4, 2015

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