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Scrum Vs. Kanban in 12 Minutes

VGAGYCJDU4GR – Should your group go with Kanban or Scrum? Everybody’s talking about Kanban, but how does it stack up against Scrum? For those of you interested in learning more about Kanban in a technology setting, David Anderson has the… continue reading »

Preparing for Agile Adoption in 12 Minutes

What do most organizations implementing Agile wish they knew before they got started? ADD: Heard some great advice from some Agile friends after posting this video. Change your organization. Or change your organization.

Agile Program Management in 15 Minutes

Can Agile handle really complex programs, teams of teams of people? Don’t you need a complex and expensive tool, or a bunch of guys doing powerpoints, or endless meetings? Just how far can you scale simple, lightweight process? In a… continue reading »