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Why Don’t Organizations Use Their Own Defect-Tracking Systems?

Picture this: you’re working on a critical application for your company, used by countless people around the world. This morning, as the new update rolls out, a user in Detroit pushes the main button on your app — and nothing.… continue reading »

Destroy The Agile Clubhouse!

I’ve seen a lot of team environments, and I don’t have the perfect answer for what’s right for your team. There. Got that out of the way. But I do believe that if you want to maximize creativity and the… continue reading »

The ScrumMaster Must Die! A Video Follow-up

Startups, FGPAs, Certifications, and Making Agile Work. Video Interview With Big Visible’s Agile Coach Alan Dayley

Can you effectively use Agile and Scrum when you’re creating your own circuit boards as well as programming them? Does it make sense to pick up a lot of certifications as a coach? What role does lean startup play in… continue reading »

The “Hit it with a bigger hammer” School of Agile Adoption

A friend of mine, an Agile Coach, is also ex-special forces. His attitude towards Agile Adoption in a large organization could best be summed up as something like “The firing squads will continue until everybody is doing Agile.” He felt… continue reading »

Agile Value Dark Horse: What’s Your Backlog Pattern?

When teaching Agile, you usually throw up a chart that looks something like this overview of Agile Value: You talk about how each project, the Agile/iterative one and the Waterfall one, may deliver the same value at the end, but… continue reading »

Agile Means Stop Focusing on the Wrong Thing

Had a guy online ask me how I could defend Agile Methodologies. Agile what? There is no such thing as Agile methodologies. This is very simple. First, the Agile Manifesto guys do not own the word “Agile”. Second, what they… continue reading »

Debugging Agile Teams

Debugging Agile Teams is a black art. I know because I and many other Agile “experts” flail around with it. You can always tell when an Agile expert is lost. They wave their hands around a bit and mutter something… continue reading »