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Project Management Charts I Have Known

I love charts and graphs. I remember one of the coolest programs I had for DOS was “Harvard Graphics”, which just created graphs. Fun times. But then I became an independent business owner writing software for people. And then a… continue reading »

How We Got To Agile

1900. Allentown, Pennsylvania. The dawn of a new century. Manufacturing looked nothing like today. For one thing, there were no managers. There were owners, There were overseers. Foremen. But not pocket-protectored MBAs wandering the shop floor, clipboard in hand. Back… continue reading »

Destroy The Agile Clubhouse!

I’ve seen a lot of team environments, and I don’t have the perfect answer for what’s right for your team. There. Got that out of the way. But I do believe that if you want to maximize creativity and the… continue reading »

Compensation in Agile: Membership Model

How do you reward Agile teams and people on Agile teams? It’s vexed CEOs and Agile organization ever since we started using the word “Agile” On one hand, you want to reward people who perform better than others, whatever “perform… continue reading »

Startups, FGPAs, Certifications, and Making Agile Work. Video Interview With Big Visible’s Agile Coach Alan Dayley

Can you effectively use Agile and Scrum when you’re creating your own circuit boards as well as programming them? Does it make sense to pick up a lot of certifications as a coach? What role does lean startup play in… continue reading »

Setting Up Your Agile Team Room (video)

Good Agile teams have good team rooms. This video takes you on a tour of a team room. It gives you options on laying out the furniture, the floorplan, selecting the technology, placing the information radiators — even ideas about… continue reading »

Setting up your Sprints

So you have a new Agile project to start up, what’s the first thing you do? You’ll need to talk to the gang, gather some scheduling information, set up a cadence, configure your team room. This video is about establishing… continue reading »

Preparing for Agile Adoption in 12 Minutes

What do most organizations implementing Agile wish they knew before they got started? ADD: Heard some great advice from some Agile friends after posting this video. Change your organization. Or change your organization.

Agile Program Management in 15 Minutes

Can Agile handle really complex programs, teams of teams of people? Don’t you need a complex and expensive tool, or a bunch of guys doing powerpoints, or endless meetings? Just how far can you scale simple, lightweight process? In a… continue reading »

In Search of an Agile Process Model

What actually goes on, the Agile Process Model if you like, inside an Agile team? To be more exact, what’s the thing that you are doing at any one moment? On one hand, folks will tell you that there is… continue reading »

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