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Why Don’t Organizations Use Their Own Defect-Tracking Systems?

Picture this: you’re working on a critical application for your company, used by countless people around the world. This morning, as the new update rolls out, a user in Detroit pushes the main button on your app — and nothing.… continue reading »

Agile Memes, Part 1

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had some fun combining Agile concepts, humor, and memes. I thought this might be something you could find useful sharing with your team.

Destroy The Agile Clubhouse!

I’ve seen a lot of team environments, and I don’t have the perfect answer for what’s right for your team. There. Got that out of the way. But I do believe that if you want to maximize creativity and the… continue reading »

Online Collaborative Modeling; Still Sketchy

Working with a team this week, we have a need to collaboratively model some things. It turns out this is not an easy thing to do. First, our specifications. We want something we can share with a link, that everybody… continue reading »

Your Product Owner Is An Imaginary Friend (And That’s Okay)

The Product Owner always seemed like the perfect scam in the Agile community. The basic idea was to take all the things that seemed boring and tough, and make one guy do them. Prioritize stories? Not us, it’s the Product… continue reading »

The ScrumMaster Must Die! A Video Follow-up

Mary Poppendieck, Tom Poppendieck On Lean, Agile, and Lean Startups

Meet Tom and Mary Poppendieck, the folks that introduced Lean to the world of technology development. In this chat, we go over how both of them ended up writing Lean Software Development. What’s the benefit of applying Lean principles to… continue reading »

Startups, FGPAs, Certifications, and Making Agile Work. Video Interview With Big Visible’s Agile Coach Alan Dayley

Can you effectively use Agile and Scrum when you’re creating your own circuit boards as well as programming them? Does it make sense to pick up a lot of certifications as a coach? What role does lean startup play in… continue reading »

Setting up your Sprints

So you have a new Agile project to start up, what’s the first thing you do? You’ll need to talk to the gang, gather some scheduling information, set up a cadence, configure your team room. This video is about establishing… continue reading »

Scrum Vs. Kanban in 12 Minutes

VGAGYCJDU4GR – Should your group go with Kanban or Scrum? Everybody’s talking about Kanban, but how does it stack up against Scrum? For those of you interested in learning more about Kanban in a technology setting, David Anderson has the… continue reading »

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