Startups, FGPAs, Certifications, and Making Agile Work. Video Interview With Big Visible’s Agile Coach Alan Dayley

Can you effectively use Agile and Scrum when you’re creating your own circuit boards as well as programming them? Does it make sense to pick up a lot of certifications as a coach? What role does lean startup play in BigCorp and agile transition? Has the name “Agile Coach” become more of a burden than a benefit to people trying to help people transition? Is the word “Agile” perceived by many to be just another in a long line of management fads? When you’re helping a team become more Agile, should you be very directive or Socratic? What happens when the team decides to do something that you as a change agent think is a bad idea?

I tried to hit Alan with all the usual tough coaching questions. You’ll have to watch the video to see how he did.

Alan Dayley is a lead coach at Big Visible Solutions. He has a technical background and is working in one of the support roles for Agile 2013.

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April 3, 2013

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