Robert “Uncle Bob” Martin Interview (Audio)

Tiny Giant Books presents an interview with Uncle Bob Martin
MP3 File – 54 Minutes (25MB)

Robert Cecil “Uncle Bob” Martin has had a long and distinguished career in IT, beginning with industrial computing and continuing through being an author, speaker, and thought leader in the Agile community.

In this audio interview, Bob talks about his early life, his first computer, his first programming job, how he got fired, and how he decided that he needed to take programming a lot more seriously. He also talks about how he got into writing and publishing, his views on how TDD and functional programming work, and what his plans are for the future.

(Tech note: This was created as a video interview using Skype, but the video recording app did not function correctly.)

Uncle Bob Stats

  • Birth Year: 1953?
  • Home State: Illinois
  • Best Known For: Agile Manifesto, Clean Code, Founding Object Mentor

Books by Uncle Bob

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March 4, 2013

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