Preparing for Agile Adoption in 12 Minutes

What do most organizations implementing Agile wish they knew before they got started?

ADD: Heard some great advice from some Agile friends after posting this video.

Change your organization. Or change your organization.

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January 17, 2013

2 responses to Preparing for Agile Adoption in 12 Minutes

  1. Roland Mai said:

    Thanks for the video. I did watch the whole thing. Truthfully, you’re really not selling the concept very well. I can hardly imagine anyone from a matrix organization buying into this. Especially, when you’re doing contractual work, there are schedules and scope creeps that this leaves open room for.

    Maybe there are people who can find this useful, but I really can’t imagine taking this to an executive and them buying into it. So, the question arises: Who did you make this for?

    I personally hate waterfall methods because they’re boring and stupid, but we can’t just leave it at “Get ready, it will get crazier.” There’s already plenty of crazy even with waterfall methods, time is often of the essence.

    • admin said:

      Thanks Roland. I love feedback.

      “I really can’t imagine taking this to an executive and them buying into it…Who did you make this for?”

      Obviously not you! ;)

      I’m not sure what more I can offer. Perhaps a bit of context might help.

      The purpose here isn’t to sell anything. Perhaps this is where you fell off the boat. The purpose is to list those things which improve Agile adoption. I’m not selling anything, really, although we do have some books in the works. But you’re welcome to hang around and join the conversation. People who criticize are especially welcome. Honest criticism is the best feedback you can possibly get.

      Deciding to make a switch to Agile might involve selling. It might involve a lot of conversations and negotiations. This video wasn’t trying to do any of that. It’s just a recap of what most practitioners know and talk about.

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