Karaoke Agile Hits it Big in NYC

April 1st – Agile coaching team Rodgers and Hammerstein are rolling out a wildly popular twist on Agile Best Practices this week: Karaoke Agile.

“The idea is to have the team sing to each other instead of talking,” Rodgers explains, “Singing is much more expressive. The teams enjoy it more and customers get something they can tap their foot to while watching story demonstrations. Nothing like a bunch of rockin’ chickens.”

While the coaches prefer teams to make up their own songs as they go along, they also provided us a list of some popular songs and examples of when they might be used.

Product Owners that simply aren’t around enough to be useful: I’ve got you under my skin

Projects with velocities that will never make their release commitments: Highway to Hell

Spikes that didn’t turn out as planned: I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

Integrating Object-Oriented practices into your Agile team: Oop! There it is!

Too much outsourcing. Too little communication: American Idiot

No, we are not going to skip testing: What a Fool Believes

The first time you use the actual velocity to predict releases: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Fickle Product Owners who change their mind about done in the middle of the showcase: Here we Go Again

This technical debt is getting completely out of control: Always something there to remind me

Could we get a bigger team room? Please? Don’t Stand so Close to Me

Hey, Jim finally figured out Agile works! I can see Clearly Now

Next month the duo plans on working Austin, Texas where more country tunes will be on the menu.

First release party! Red Solo Cup

More interns arriving next week: Friends in Low Places

LAN party! All my Rowdy Friends are Coming Over Tonight (Old song. Look it up while you’re looking up LAN party)

Rodgers remains optimistic that Agile Karaoke will continue to catch on.

“Hey, if we do it right, we could have our demo and our release party all at the same bar!”

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April 3, 2012

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