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Real World F# Programming Part 2: Types

Ran into a situation last week that showed some more of the differences facing OO programmers moving to F#. So I’ve got two directories. The program’s job is to take the files from one directory, do some stuff, then put… continue reading »

Real World F# Programming Part 1: Structuring Your Solution

I have several “side project” apps I work on throughout the year. One of those is I have a problem with spending too much time online. Newspaper23 is supposed to go to all the sites I might visit, pull… continue reading »

Sole Founder Services Marketing

I used to view marketing transactionally and anaytically, I used to think marketing was some kind of thing I did in a separate part of my business, and I used to think it was all easy. Most all of what… continue reading »

In Search of an Agile Process Model

What actually goes on, the Agile Process Model if you like, inside an Agile team? To be more exact, what’s the thing that you are doing at any one moment? On one hand, folks will tell you that there is… continue reading »

The “Hit it with a bigger hammer” School of Agile Adoption

A friend of mine, an Agile Coach, is also ex-special forces. His attitude towards Agile Adoption in a large organization could best be summed up as something like “The firing squads will continue until everybody is doing Agile.” He felt… continue reading »

Karaoke Agile Hits it Big in NYC

April 1st – Agile coaching team Rodgers and Hammerstein are rolling out a wildly popular twist on Agile Best Practices this week: Karaoke Agile. “The idea is to have the team sing to each other instead of talking,” Rodgers explains,… continue reading »

Agile Means Stop Focusing on the Wrong Thing

Had a guy online ask me how I could defend Agile Methodologies. Agile what? There is no such thing as Agile methodologies. This is very simple. First, the Agile Manifesto guys do not own the word “Agile”. Second, what they… continue reading »

Why Pay for Agile Advice?

Had a great lunch today with another Agile-lover. Afterwards he was telling me “I feel badly for a lot of developers out there. So I’m going to tell whoever listens that there’s a better way. All for free. I’m just… continue reading »

Agile Backlogs: You’re Splitting Your Stories Wrong

Why is it that so many Agile Backlogs are impenetrable and impossible to regularly size and prioritize? For many teams, the first sprint or two was the only time they ever really looked at the entire backlog and were able… continue reading »

Poor Man’s Agile Adoption: How low can you go?

Somebody asked me last week about a strategy for Agile adoption at their small IT shop. I thrashed around with some ideas and finally spit-balled a number. “That’s too high,” he said. So I asked him how much he had… continue reading »

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