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Technical Debt Edge Cases

Everybody talks about Technical Debt. Most of the time it’s always considered to be A. Bad. Thing. Nobody talks about when it might not be a bad thing, or when some folks think Technical Debt exists and it doesn’t.

Dear Agile Friends: Please Stop It With The Pointless Bickering

Every couple of weeks, it’s more bickering. Should teams co-locate? I don’t know, I don’t think there’s a universal answer for all teams, and I want to work from home but I can’t do that and do my job effectively.… continue reading »

Agile’s Business Problem

Agile has a business problem. I was watching a video of Uncle Bob Martin awhile back, and he said something that struck a nerve. [Paraphrased] “When we sat down to do the Agile Manifesto, several of us wanted everybody to… continue reading »