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Analysis Still Exists, Whether You Understand It Or Not

Almost got into an argument with my friend Tim yesterday. That’s weird because both Tim and I aren’t the kind of people who argue very much. We like everybody. Tim was talking about how important it was to have a… continue reading »

Project Management Charts I Have Known

I love charts and graphs. I remember one of the coolest programs I had for DOS was “Harvard Graphics”, which just created graphs. Fun times. But then I became an independent business owner writing software for people. And then a… continue reading »

Top Five Reasons You’re Wrong About Needing a Large Backlog

Most of these happen because people are confused about what, exactly, a backlog should be in an Agile environment. But we have a lot of work to do! – You are confusing activity with value. Backlogs measure value, not activity.… continue reading »

The Two Kinds Of Technology Thinkers

Edward de Bono had his “Six Types of Thinking” hats to describe the different kinds of thinking that go into solving problems. Those are great, but there are two kinds of thinking happens on every technology team that are far… continue reading »

Why Don’t Organizations Use Their Own Defect-Tracking Systems?

Picture this: you’re working on a critical application for your company, used by countless people around the world. This morning, as the new update rolls out, a user in Detroit pushes the main button on your app — and nothing.… continue reading »